3 Chapel Lofts

Chapel Lofts has been timelessly renovated to present its flawless energy throughout. Providing luxury comfort living spaces whilst celebrating many original features.

3 Chapel lofts

This stunning 3 bedroom 3 floor redeveloped church is in the beautiful suburbia. This gracious angular renovation has been completed to the highest standard with all rooms being furnished with solid beams with reliable structure and underfloor heating.

This residential home offers a sophisticated kitchen and dining area, fully equipped with an array of fixtures and state of the art cooking facilities.

The beauty of combining solid oak beams and delicate stone white furnishings makes this property unique and highly desirable in the area. Having among the best views of the hills in Sheffield it has prime scenery views onto the town and city.

This former chapel has the personality and liveliness of its former use as a church. The thresholds of the beams make for effortless charismatic visuals which are homely and timeless. This space has been designed to demonstrate perfectly how to maximize space for multiple uses and move around. This kitchen and dining room suite, is finalized to move straight into.

Please feel free to contact us about any enquiries about this renovation. We would love to hear from you!

A unique opportunity...